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We are on a mission to change the way the world sees “good content” but not at the expense of a real relationship with our creator and one another. We understand that who we are and what we do are only one part of the equation and not the biggest factor - our faith is. Our belief in Jesus builds the business and the brands that spread good. And good is the goal. 

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Sweet Space

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Sweet Space

presented Say Grace & Co

A sweet space is a meeting place that allows connection for creatives and influencers consistently. The heart behind what we do is testimonials - so having curated conversations centered around the truth is the goal. Provided the women opportunities to meet one another and sharpen each other bi- weekly or monthly.

While math doesn’t seem necessary when it comes to building a community or creating content that changes the world. Basic algebra can apply here, so often we hear the statement “That’s my sweet spot” . We know we’ve said it when we feel we're in the right place at the right time - doing what we are meant to do. It’s the feeling that goes beyond applause or external validation, it’s the internal peace and security that can not be manipulated. Creating more opportunities where women feel safe is what we call a sweet space.

A sweet space  = a safe place

A sweet space  = a holy place

A sweet space = a creative place

A sweet space = a peaceful place

A sweet space = a fruitful place

Sweet Space

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The Founder

I’ve spent years cultivating my professional skills and more than a decade curating an impressive resume. But amid constant achievements, financials ebb and flows I always felt like there was a missing piece. There wasn’t a place that was fully for me, in the height of my career I struggled with honoring my professional position while being challenged with integral decisions.


It’s where my faith was tested and trusted allies were few. I found myself lonely, uninspired, and questioning the importance of my role. Questions like “What I’m I doing”? and “Who does this help”?started trending on repeat. So like most people, I decided to create my own safe space a place where women like me could find a community that offered the Grace they needed to be great.


Say Grace and Co is a sweet space for faith-based entrepreneurs and creatives.   The best way to describe our summits is “A safe place with a sweet taste”. Our events provide a tenderness only the Holy Spirit can be responsible for - an atmosphere of truth in love through testimonials and teachable moments. An experience that lives on through our relationships in real life.

- KaShawn


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