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Our Schedule

when & where

October 1st, 2022 | 11:30AM - 3:30PM | Venture X Dallas by the Galleria

*Note: Weekend Experience ticket holders will have a separate meetup Sunday, October 2 at 11AM. Location TBD.


our testimonies

Our Testimonies are what our community of influencers share daily and we can't think of a better way to start the summit. We are blessed to have the creator of SHE LIVES FREED, Brittany Dawn Nelson share her journey of sharing the gospel on her platform and building a faith-based community for women transitioning out of sex trafficking. Make sure you get there early – this is a segment you don't want to miss.

our relationships

the lineup

We know how important our relationships are to us and how big of a role they play in our personal and professional lives. We're excited to sit down with wife and relationship coach Hope Moquin as well as lifestyle vlogger Chanda Manning, as they answer questions about balancing marriage and ministry and how to prioritize family in the midst of maintaining a healthy online presence.


our focus

Our Focus is essential when it comes to maintaining successful brands and businesses. For this session, professional calligraphy artist Amanda Reid and podcaster CC Calbonero will sit down share their versions of success and their journies to building careers they are proud of.


our faith

Our faith is the foundation of everything we do as Christians. Regardless of industry or ministry, our faith unifies us. We are so excited to have bible teacher and creator of Chasing Sacred, Mikella VanDyke leading our devotional hour. Mikella will share her Bible studying practices and tips for intepreting Scripture in its intended context. 


but wait...there's more.

all-access pass exclusives

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Got your all-access pass? In addition to exclusive merch, you're in store for two more exclusive virtual segments featuring vlogger Virginia Steward & SG Cofounder Johnna Nichelle Wilks as they chat all things motherhood, family, and faith, as well as a chat with Lightworks Producer Elyse Murphy and SG Cofounder Kashawn Watson as they discuss ministry, media, and being a light in the darkness.

make it an experience.

Our Community is so important to us; encouraging one another to continue to pursue Jesus and spread good throughout our timeline and beyond. Growing our community starts right here in Dallas. Join our cofounder Johnna Nichelle on October 2 (location TBD) as she shares the vision for Say Grace & Co and specifically our Dallas Fort Worth chapter. Grab your weekend experience ticket for this exclusive meetup. We can't wait to see you there.

weekend experience exclusives

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meet our host

Erin started her career in New York City at ESSENCE Magazine, then moved to Los Angeles where she worked for The Oprah Winfrey Network and Twitter. 

In 2020, Erin made the decision to embrace her calling to serve God in full-time ministry, transitioning her from Los Angeles, CA to Tulsa, OK where she currently serves at Transformation Church. 

Erin finds joy in redefining what it means to be a multifaceted woman of faith and has a unique way of reaching people in ways that matter most. 

Erin Turner


got questions?

Our team is here to help. Contact us at and we will be in touch ASAP!

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